Crockpot Savory Italian Chicken

Crockpot Savory Italian Chicken

With tons of hearty and savory flavors, like Italian herbs, artichoke hearts, peppers, lemon, and garlic, this chicken is as delicious and it is easy. Pair it with a crisp green salad and perhaps a crusty whole wheat baguette. You will feel like you are eating in a little sidewalk Italian cafe. Except that it's a normal busy Tuesday, after work and kids' activities and before the bedtime rush. Just the smell of this lovely dish will have you ready to inhale deeply, relax for a moment, and enjoy some time around the table with your loved ones. As you probably know, around here, we love appliances and recipes that make our lives easier. The Crockpot or an Instant Pot with Crockpot option is just such an appliance. (We have a whole section dedicated to our beloved Crockpot. Check it out here) By the way, how many of you call it a Slow Cooker?

Homemade is great

There are many slow cooker recipes out there that use packaged products to make your cooking experience easier. These are convenient. Unfortunately, many contain artificial flavors, colors, and chemicals. You would do better to avoid these. Many cans of cream of mushroom soup, for example, have soybean/ canola oil and soy protein isolate, among other less desirable items. Packages of Crock-Pot Savory Herb Chicken Seasoning start with modified corn starch as ingredient number one. These products work in a pinch. But recipes like our Crockpot Savory Italian Chicken take just a few extra minutes and are bursting with flavor and health benefits. Here are two other easy chicken dishes that will have you glad to be making something homemade:

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