8 Expert Tips For Transitioning to a Mediterranean Diet

Curious about how to move closer to a Mediterranean Diet? Try adding a few of these tips into your routine!

Transitioning to a Mediterranean diet can be an awesome and delicious journey to better health and well-being. Celebrated for its heart-healthy benefits, rich flavors, and emphasis on whole, natural foods, the Mediterranean diet is a sustainable way to nourish your body and love the food you are eating. (Learn more about the health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet here.) 

Whether you're looking to improve your diet or explore a totally new way of eating, these eight expert tips will guide you into incorporating the Mediterranean Diet principles into your every day. (Want to learn about the Principles? Read more here.)

From incorporating more plant-based foods to enjoying more olive oil and fresh herbs, we'll help you make the shift easily. Watch the video below for more. 

Check our our top tips for making the transition to a Mediterranean Diet as easy as possible!

Try out one or two, and build on as you gain momentum. You don't have to overhaul your diet all at once-- give one of these easy, effective tips a try instead! You can read more about Ashley's story here


Looking for the Easy Button?

Ready for the easy button? Check out our Meal Plans: available in Standard Mediterranean Diet, Gluten Free, and Dairy Free. 


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