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Everything You Need to Know: Top 10 Mediterranean Diet FAQs

Are you considering the Mediterranean Diet? If so, you may wonder about what you don't know! In today's post, we discuss the top 10 questions beginners ask about the Mediterranean Diet.

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5 Insider Tips to Save Money While Eating Healthy: Mediterranean Diet on a Budget

Is a Mediterranean Diet a budget friendly way to eat? Can I eat healthy and spend less? We have this answer & more-- including what tip could save you $1500 per year! Read on for our top 5 expert tips to eat healthy without breaking the bank.

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The Mediterranean Diet is #1

Heart Healthy

Increase your longevity by taking care of your heart. Also decrease your risk of heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

Easy to Follow & Flexible

Experts praise this diet for being flexible and enjoyable, with lots of healthy fats, plants, and whole foods. 

More Energy & Weight Control

Realize better energy and more stable moods. Lose and maintain weight with less struggle.  


Inflammation is the mother of disease. Reduce your susceptibility to cancer, alzheimers, dementia, and more.

Mediterranean Diet is Changing Lives

Cholesterol is Healthy after 6 Weeks

lori image.jpg__PID:29f21357-957c-4ecd-8215-fe7725442e5f

""When I turned 50, I was shocked to find myself with high cholesterol for the first time in my life.
After 6 weeks on this diet, its back in the healthy range! I am so thankful and so is my doctor!"- Lori, Florida

Weight Loss with No Calorie Counting 

person three.png__PID:f516c842-6145-4175-8012-95ce09419fe7

""I've lowered my blood pressure and have kept diabetes away after losing 47 lbs with this new way of eating. It will be 5 months for me following this diet. Loving it, feeling so much better."- Micheline, Virginia

Finally Walking Without Pain

person two .png__PID:c3d1f516-c842-4145-9175-801295ce0941

"The last blood test I had, everything was up. Besides bad cholesterol, sugar and hemoglobien, I had knee, back and foot pains. On a recent trip, I could hardly walk. Since starting this Diet, everything is finally moving in the right direction. I have also lost 39 lbs!!" -Jerry, Iowa 

Great Energy & No Sugar Cravings

mom brandi image.jpg__PID:1357957c-cecd-4215-be77-25442e5ffcce

"After one month, I have so much more energy. As a busy Mom, I no longer feel like I have to slog through my day. My sugar intake is at the lowest it’s ever been.
This program is 100% worth doing!"- Brandi, Massachussetts

A Wholesome & Realistic Diet Program You can stick to!

Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan

Receive a 30 Day Meal Plan, complete with Mediterranean Diet breakfast, lunch & dinner and grocery list. It also includes lots of freebies like guides, email support, and more! 

Guided Program

Join our step-by-step program to integrate the Mediterranean Diet into your life, complete with workbook, video series and community support! The easiest way to change your diet. 

Progress Coach

Meet your goals with a professional Nutrition Coach by your side! Receive bi-weekly support on Foods, Meals, Habits, Motivation, and so much more. Finally reach those health & weight goals!

All Our Mediterranean Diet Resources Are:

Expert Created

All our products were created by a Registered Dietitian Nutrition Expert with a Master's Degree in Clinical Nutrition. You can be sure that you are getting the BEST information and the most balanced nutrition.

Healthy & Tasty

Some "Mediterranean" meal plans and recipes just use Mediterranean FLAVORS. Our Meal Plans follow Mediterranean Diet principles, incorporating lots of different flavors for optimal health & taste.

Adaptive to You

Can't or don't eat something? No problem! Our meal plans and programs provide lots of substition options to fit your dietary needs or preferences. Gluten-free and dairy-free meal plan options also available.

Fast & Easy

Designed with your busy life in mind! Our recipes are easy and quick so you don't spend your life in the kitchen, using ingredients you can find at a typical grocery store. 

We stand behind our Meal Plans with a Money Back guarantee. 

Enjoy the Mediterranean Lifestyle

All of our Meal Plans make it easy to follow the principles of the Mediterranean Diet.

Fresh Ingredients

You want a diet that is varied, fresh, and tastes amazing. The Mediterranean Diet focuses on fresh vegetables, whole grains, fruits, nuts, and seafood.

Thrive in Your Life

Healthy Flavors

Adding healthy fats to your diet is essential. The Mediterranean Diet features more healthy fat than the typical diet -- from anti-inflammatory olive oil.

Thrive in Your Life

Nourishing Foods

Processed foods are stripped of nutrients that your body needs, and loaded with preservatives and sugar. Opt for whole grains and ingredients.

Thrive in Your Life

Happy Life!

Enjoy meals with your friends! With a little wine. Take walks on dates and for breaks in your day. Being social and active keeps you feeling great!

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Thrive in Your Life
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