This two second shift can make sticking to the Mediterranean Diet so much easier


Eating a healthier diet can be really hard. Giving up your favorite foods, denying yourself things you really want to eat, maybe cutting out whole food groups. Yikes! That's tough! 

Want it to be easier? Try this today.

Here's the two second shift that can make a healthy diet easier. 

If you were raised in a household similar to mine, then you will understand what I mean when I say that dinner went like this: Meat was the main dish and vegetables a humble side.

What was for dinner then?




I have learned to make a subtle but incredibly powerful mindset shift. It is this: pick your vegetables & grains first and then add meat as the side.


What’s for dinner now?

Roasted Brussel sprouts and apples… with pork.

Tossed salad and brown rice…. with steak.

Bean and greens mixed salad and peas….with chicken.


The Mediterranean Diet is primarily a plant-based diet.

Yes, meat is included!

But, meat is primarily viewed as a side dish. Veggies, beans, legumes, fruits, and whole grains are the real super stars on the Mediterranean Diet! 

If you fill half your plate with veggies and plants, one quarter with meat, and one quarter with grains or fruit, you have the right idea.

What's the Benefit of This Mindset Shift?

First Benefit 

#1. By thinking about the plants and grains as the main part of the meal, you will consume more of those foods. If meat is seen as a side dish, you still get to eat it! You just eat a smaller portion of it-- meat becomes the side dish and veggies & grains take center stage. (Wondering if whole grains are healthy? See here.)  

No need to give up your favorite foods, deny yourself, or cut things out entirely. Eat them, enjoy them-- in a smaller quantities. 

Second Benefit 

#2 The second amazing benefit of thinking about my vegetables first also helped me put more thought into the plant-based part of dinner.

No longer was I just dumping some steamed broccoli in a bowl to go alongside some chicken. Now, I was roasting it, sautéing it, tossing it, or otherwise making it smell, look, and taste so much more delicious! Which meant, I was so much happier to eat it.

More Recipes

We think this two second mindset shift will work for you too! 

Need a little inspiration? Check out the side dish recipes on our site!

Let us know: have you made this mindset shift? Has it been helpful for you?



The Mediterranean Diet can help prevent diabetes, reduce heart disease risk, promote weight loss, and help you live a longer, healthier life. It's backed by decades of research.

But the truth is, there's a lot of misinformation out there! It can be really tough to get started.

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