Disclosure on Affiliate LInks

Disclosure on the use of affiliate links within our content:

Welcome to our Mediterranean Diet blog, which we created to help individuals get started with a Mediterranean Diet quickly, easily, and with expert guidance.

Since we often come across and use products that we not only enjoy, but that also help us stick to our own Mediterranean Diet, we love sharing these products with you! 

We provide tons of free content like delicious recipes and informative articles. We use affiliate links as a way to help us bring this awesome content to you free of charge

If you click on an affiliate link in one of our posts, it will take you to a site that will allow you to purchase that item. An example of such a site might be Amazon. While there's NO EXTRA COST to you to buy that item using our link, we may make a small commission.

We only make a commission if you purchase the item using the link in our blog post or recipe. (If you navigate to Amazon on your own and buy the product we recommend, you will pay the same price but we will not make any commission on it.) 

We are very careful about the products/services we recommend. We only recommend products that we love, that we use ourselves, and/or that we truly believe in.

As a reminder, even though we love these products, please do your own due diligence before making a purchase. What it right for us might not be right for you. We recommend you check the return policy of the merchant anytime we buy a product, just in case; we do this ourselves too. 

Throughout our website, we try to note when blog posts or recipes contain affiliate link. However, please assume that any links on our site recommending specific products are affiliate links.

If you want to support our small business, and help us continue to be able to create awesome free content, we would love for you to use our links to buy products. We appreciate you so much. Thank you for your support.     

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