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Delicious recipes for busy people who want to be healthy.

In addition to tasting incredible, the Mediterranean style of eating also grants amazing health benefits for your heart, weight, and even mood.

In fact the Mediterranean Diet is rated #1 in Taste, Healthiness, and Ease to follow!

Mediterranean Diet Recipes focus more on vegetables, seafood, seasoning, and healthy fats like olive oil, avocado, seeds, and nuts.

Try out these amazing Mediterranean Diet recipes, and let us know if we can help you with Meal Planning or Nutrition Coaching for support!

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Newest Mediterranean Diet Recipes

Roasted Romaine Lettuce

"Tastes like a steak... if a steak were a salad". The perfect roasty, garlicy complement to any meal!

Crunchy Roasted Red Potatoes

Roasted red potatoes can be the side dish that steals the show on your table! A little crunchy, a little salty, a whole lot of potato goodness, these little spuds are virtually indestructible and don't even require you to peel them!

Mixed bean and lentil salad

The perfect summer dish or side dish. The dressing on this bean and lentil salad is super light and zesty, with the use of vinegar, garlic, and lime juice. It’s also full of good-for-you ingredients. 

Chocolate Overnight Oats

Chocolate overnight oats are far and away my family's favorite breakfast. Chocolate for breakfast feels decadent & delicious. I love how oatmeal keeps my family's tummy full for hours and their blood sugar levels stable. The chia seeds give even more protein and fiber for staying power (as well as Omegas for a brain boost!). Even with the tiny bit of sugar that is in this recipe, they don’t have the sugar high and crash that cereal will give them. Give it a try!

The Best Homemade Hummus

Perfect for dipping veggies into, slathering on a wrap, or tossing with warm, cooked pasta, homemade hummus is incredibly versatile. It takes just a few minutes to make and keeps very well in the fridge for several days. You can add all kinds of ingredients to change up the flavors, too. Some of our favorites include: extra garlic, roasted red peppers, sun dried tomatoes, and hot sauce to make buffalo hummus.

Best Slow Cooker Tortilla Soup Recipe

Easy, healthy, and full of great Tex-Mex flavor, this slow cooker tortilla soup recipe is perfect for busy weeknights. If you want to make this vegetarian, add an extra can of black beans instead of the chicken. This soup is a little spicy on account of the chilies.

Lemon Garlic Dressing

Is homemade salad dressing healthy? If you love salads, you must try out this homemade salad dressing. It can be mixed up in just a few minutes. Our lemon garlic dressing is the perfect complement to greens and veggies. It'll take your salads to the next level without much effort.

Mediterranean Pasta with Tuna and Peas

Everything about this meal fits perfectly with the Mediterranean Diet! That includes: whole grains (the whole wheat spaghetti), a focus on veggies (peas, in this case), seafood or fish (canned tuna), and extra virgin olive oil (of course)!

Mediterranean Egg Muffin Cups

Eggs muffin cups are easy to make and can use up any veggies that you have in the fridge! Feel free to experiment to find a combination that you love. This recipe is as easy as adding chopped vegetables to a muffin tin. Then, simply layer the eggs on top. Pop in the oven for a bit and you are done!

Helping People to Change their Lives

"The Mediterranean Movement has been a great inspiration for me to incorporate healthier meals into my weekly cooking.

The recipes you post have ingredients I usually have on hand, the instructions are simple enough to pull off on a busy week night, and the results are mouth-watering!

I didn't realize how easy it would be to commit to healthier eating -- and I love that I still get a glass of red wine too."

Customer image

Lindsey F

"Your blog has been a great recipe source for me!

After almost 6 years of garbage eating, having 3 children, and dealing with extreme anxiety and depression I realized my biggest source of contention was food.

I was diagnosed with celiac disease and lactose intolerance stopped eating overly processed and fast food and have felt so much better since!

I'm now adopting a fully Mediterranean Diet for continued wellness."

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Chara K

"Due to Covid-19, I’m forced to learn to cook and am starting to enjoy it.

Following and learning from the Mediterranean Movement has been critical.

I’m learning about new dishes and trying some excellent meals, while also maintaining some sanity!"

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Andrew H


Planning & Coaching

We know what it is like to be busy Moms and parents, balancing our careers, taking care of our households, and still wanting to put a healthy meal on the table at night. 

Whether you need a hand with your family meal planning, or you just want to take care of your own well-being, we are here for you.

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