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We passionately believe in the science that leading a healthier life increases your energy, awareness, and sense of wellbeing.

This Mediterranean Diet Blog explores ways to live a better life, including tips, methods, stories, and news about the diet that was rated #1 for taste, healthiness, and the ease of commitment. 

Not only is this an inspiring Mediterranean food blog -- with tons of Recipes! -- you'll also learn about nutrition, how to shop for and prepare meals, ways to get more active, and how to stay motivated.

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New Mediterranean Diet Blog Posts

Blackened Tilapia

If you are looking for an easy, delicious way to prepare fish that takes almost no time and can be completely customized to your palate, look no further. This blackened tilapia recipe is so yummy, easy, and ready in no time!

This two second shift can make sticking to the Mediterranean Diet so much easier

Eating a healthier diet can be really hard. Giving up your favorite foods, denying yourself things you really want to eat, maybe cutting out whole food groups. Yikes! That's tough! Want it to be easier? Try this today. Here's the two second shift that can make sticking to a healthy diet easier. 

Can Dessert Be Part of a Healthy Mediterranean Diet?

Do you wonder if you have to give up your favorite desserts for a healthy lifestyle? Read our latest article to learn how to enjoy sweet treats and great health! 

Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide: For The Health & Wellness Enthusiast

From kitchen must-haves to fitness items, we are sharing the top wellness gift ideas for the Moms in your life this Mothers Day. Plus, we cover the top four gift giving categories that guarantee an awesome Mothers Day gift. 

The Science Behind the Modern Mediterranean Diet: Why It's the Healthiest Choice

Explore the health benefits of the modern Mediterranean diet in our blog 'The Science Behind the Modern Mediterranean Diet: Why It's the Healthiest Choice'.

Finally, the truth about Carbs.

Carbohydrates are bad and make you gain weight, right?! This is what culture tells us. But what's the truth? Are carbs bad for us? How much is too much? What kinds should we be eating? We explore all this & more in the article. 

Easy and Delicious Seafood-Based Diet Recipes for Busy Weeknights

Many health experts recommend eating seafood often or occasionally. Ever wondered why? Or felt too intimidated by seafood to try cooking it in your own home? In this article, we explore why fish is such a great addition to any diet-- and we include tons of delicious, easy recipes & meal ideas to make at home. 

What Not to Eat on the Mediterranean Diet (Top guide with Infographic 2024)

The most complete guide with infographic and downloadable document on what NOT to eat on the Mediterranean Diet. Live your healthiest life!

The Ultimate Mediterranean Diet Grocery Shopping List

FREE Download! Whether you are new to the Mediterranean Diet or not, this Ultimate Mediterranean Diet Shopping List is filled with nutrient dense foods to help guide your grocery store excursion week after week! Feel confident knowing your house is stocked with delicious and nutritious Mediterranean Diet foods.

Can I eat dairy on the Mediterranean Diet?

Ever wondered how dairy fits into the healthy Mediterranean Diet? This article has all the answers. Discover how & when to eat yogurt, cheese, and milk on this diet. We'll show you which yogurt is best and why, and how to choose cheese. Learn about dairy-free options too, if that's your preference. We'll clear up any confusion about eggs and dairy, too!

Don't compromise on flavor or health – 5 tips to select a high quality olive oil

Don't compromise on flavor or health – 5 tips to select a high quality olive oil. Also learn the characteristics of high quality olive oil and why it is so important to choose a great quality. Includes some of our favorite recipes.

How to Snack on the Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet has gained popularity worldwide for its health benefits & delicious flavors. While the focus is mainly on meals, snacking can play a significant role in this wholesome eating pattern. In this blog post, we'll delve into the art of Mediterranean diet snacking & explore some mouthwatering options!

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"The Mediterranean Movement has been a great inspiration for me to incorporate healthier meals into my weekly cooking.

The recipes you post have ingredients I usually have on hand, the instructions are simple enough to pull off on a busy week night, and the results are mouth-watering!

I didn't realize how easy it would be to commit to healthier eating -- and I love that I still get a glass of red wine too."

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Lindsey F

"Your blog has been a great recipe source for me!

After almost 6 years of garbage eating, having 3 children, and dealing with extreme anxiety and depression I realized my biggest source of contention was food.

I was diagnosed with celiac disease and lactose intolerance stopped eating overly processed and fast food and have felt so much better since!

I'm now adopting a fully Mediterranean Diet for continued wellness."

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Chara K

"Due to Covid-19, I’m forced to learn to cook and am starting to enjoy it.

Following and learning from the Mediterranean Movement has been critical.

I’m learning about new dishes and trying some excellent meals, while also maintaining some sanity!"

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