Hot Spiced Wine Recipe (Gluhwein)

This recipe was originally published in 2019, but we've updated it & republished!

This Hot Spiced Red Wine Recipe

This festive, heart-healthy, hot spiced wine recipe will be a winner, whether you are relaxing at home or entertain friends and family! It's an absolute crowd-pleaser. We love to sit on our back porch and sip on it during cold winter evenings. You will feel warm from the inside out! Bonus: your house will smell amazing while it's cooking!

Authentic German Beverages

I lived in Germany for several years after college. My downstairs neighbor was a very friendly Grandmother who we all affectionately called “Oma”. As a foreigner in a new place, I was so pleased when she invited me over one Saturday to teach me how to cook authentic German cuisine. It became the start of something wonderful. Every other Saturday, Oma and I would rendezvous in her kitchen so that I could learn the art of German language and German dishes.

This authentic Gluhwein recipe was one of the many German delicacies that we cooked together. It’s something that I make several times every winter. Gluhwein is a traditional German delight. During Christmas time, which the Germans take very seriously, you will find mugs of gluhwein all over the enjoyable little Christmas markets that spring up all over Germany in the wintertime. Sipping on this fragrant beverage while it’s cold outside will warm you from the inside out.


Easy to Make, Easy to Drink

One thing I love about this hot spiced wine recipe is how absurdly easy it is. With a gathering of friends or family (dare we say, a holiday party?), I want to serve something special. But I don't want to be in the kitchen, or at the bar, all night making drinks. I want to be enjoying the party! This festive beverage is like a grown-up punch, crafted just for wintertime. Take a bottle of inexpensive red. If the bottle is really inexpensive (as in, doesn't taste all that great), you will find yourself adding a bit more honey to compensate. Any variety of red will work, although we don't recommend anything super sweet.

Add to it, a little orange juice and a little honey. Collect the spices. Ideally, you would allow the pot to sit over very low heat for 20 minutes or more to allow all the flavors to blend. Stir occasionally and do NOT allow the pot to boil! Always taste before you serve, as different wines will need varying amounts of OJ and honey. The final wine should be flagrantly spiced, just a touch sweet, and served warm to make you cozy. Need a dish to go along with that beverage? Give this a try. Tell us in the comments what you love to drink when it's cold outside!


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