One Pan Italian Chicken

One pan Italian chicken sheet pan meal

Make your entire dinner using only one pan...and most of the time is hands-off cooking! Meals like this can be a life-saver on a busy evening. Feel free to double or triple the recipe and eat it for a few meals, or use the roasted chicken and veggies as a shortcut other meals. I love recipes like this: one pan for the whole meal, and almost all the time is hands-off. Throw some veggies and chicken on a pan, pop in the oven, and half an hour later, you are eating a delicious, healthy dinner. Then there’s only one pan to wash, which is my favorite part.

One Pan Chicken Meals Are So Versatile

This recipe is super versatile: Try some new spices, use fish instead of chicken (cook time will be different), or swap out your favorite veggies for the ones we have here. You almost can’t go wrong! We recommend doubling or tripling this recipe, and then using it in meals throughout the week. Put the roasted meat and veggies over a salad with a drizzle of salad dressing for lunch. Or mix into tomato sauce and pour a hearty sauce over your chickpea pasta for dinner. Try stuffing into a pita or wrap alongside chopped lettuce, or layer onto your favorite whole wheat pizza for a new twist on an old classic. Thirty minutes of roasting can bring you several days of meals! Let us know if you try it.


Balsamic vinegar reduction is one of our favorite ways to take a meal from good to awesome! Balsamic reduction is made simply by boiling vinegar until it reduces to a thicker sauce. It gets sweeter as it boils too, without any added sugar. You can buy this kind of thing at many fancy olive oil and vinegar stores-- or make your own.

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