Mediterranean Pasta with Tuna and Peas

I first wrote about pasta with tuna and peas back in March when the world shut down (or, at least, my world shut down!). My family realized that going to the grocery store was about to become a luxury. We needed to stock up on pantry and freezer staples in case we couldn't go to the store for weeks. Back then, everything was so new. Just making a trip to the neighborhood grocery store felt a little like taking my life in my hands. Even if we had nothing fresh in the house, we could only eat so many boxes of pasta with jarred red sauce. But I also didn't want to divulge into meals made entirely of Doritos.

Thus, I went all in on finding recipes that were exciting and delicious and could be make entirely with things from my pantry and freezer.

This Recipe

I have made a variation of that pasta with tuna recipe at least a dozen times since then. My whole family loves it. I often make a huge amount of pasta, and then divide it up into separate meals-- pasta with shrimp and tomatoes, hummus pasta, or this delicious spaghetti with tuna and peas. Since the recipe has evolved quite a bit, I wanted to write it down (for myself and for you!) Who knew that frozen veggies, canned tuna, and an easy sauce could make such a comforting, Mediterranean Diet-inspired meal?

Mediterranean Diet Inspired Food

But then again, everything about this meal fits perfectly with the Mediterranean Diet! That includes: whole grains (the whole wheat spaghetti), a focus on veggies (peas, in this case), seafood or fish (canned tuna), and extra virgin olive oil (of course)!  There are other variations of pasta with tuna and peas out there but they often include half-and-half, heavy cream, or butter. You don't need those ingredients to enjoy a cozy dinner.

What kind of Tuna?

Some readers prefer the more expensive, 'solid' canned tuna. There are bigger chunks of tuna throughout. Our family prefers the chunk light tuna, which pretty much dissolves into the dish. Let us know which one you prefer!




  • I used to eat this all the time. My grandmother made it for me. This recipe makes me think of her.

  • Great recipe.


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