Whole Wheat Ciabatta Bread Recipe

Enjoy this whole wheat ciabatta bread recipe from health advocate and writer, Brandy Pan. It's better than store-bought! 

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Why Ciabatta Bread?

If you’re not already making your own ciabatta bread, following an easy at-home ciabatta bread recipe is going to make your weekly meals so much better!

Ciabatta is a great bread choice and accompaniment to your meals. It makes for an amazing sandwich bread that’s tasty, delicious, crunchy, and easy to bake.

Ciabatta also holds its own at room temperature, and you don’t have to separately toast before a meal. It will stay fresh for a few days without hardening like a store-bought French bread loaf can.

I fell in love with the crunchier-style bread from my first taste.

I grew up trying a variety of foods and breads -- and loved good foods so much I grew closer to my passion starting my career in hotel catering, and then family-style party planning in Italian, Spanish, and Lebanese restaurants.

Being in those atmospheres inspired me to travel to Italy, Spain, and Morocco and deeper appreciate the cuisines there. I spent time with new family and friends. With every meal, fresh or local bread is served as is common with American meals.

My last visit to the Mediterranean areas was in 2019 where ciabatta comes from.

How Ciabatta Bread Became Popular

Ciabatta originated in the northern Veneto region of Italy.

Unlike many Italian food traditions that have passed down since ancient times, ciabatta is a fairly new bread variety. In the 1980s, French baguettes were popular and spreading into Italy, so Italians sought to make their own versions.

Today there are many versions of ciabatta throughout Italy. The ciabatta versions in the Tuscan region and further south, are crispier than northern versions. The southern regions of Italy have a drier climate, good for thriving flour, pasta, and olive oil making.

By the late 1980s, the U.S. and U.K. started selling ciabatta in mass production.

Whole Wheat Inspiration

I was inspired to make my whole wheat ciabatta bread recipe version after watching The Great British Baking Show.

Ciabatta is the first bread I made on my own and it’s so simple with just 4 ingredients that many loaves of bread and pizzas use.

I first tried with regular flour and realized that to get the right bake, you had to turn the oven on to higher temperatures beyond 350 degrees that’s not ideal for hot summers or apartment living.

When I switched to using whole wheat flour and coming up with the ciabatta bread recipe I now use (shared in this article), I found that I could bake on a common 350 degrees (Fahrenheit) without losing the well-baked doneness.

The second benefit is whole wheat flour in the dough stage isn’t messy on your hands!

When you get to pick up the dough (or slip off the dough hook on your mixing machine) and move to the proofing container, it’s a clean move, especially if you need to reach for your phone, you can just quickly wipe your hands off.

On a healthy note, whole wheat flour is also higher in fiber than most other flours. It's the recommended flour on the Mediterranean Diet. 

When I can add healthier ingredients that enhance and don’t compromise taste, that’s a huge bonus! I like the King Arthur brand flours but you can use any brand you like.

What to Serve With This Ciabatta Bread Recipe?

We think this amazing bread would be perfect with a bowl of homemade soup, like our Cozy Veggie Soup. Or enjoy it alongside a fresh salad, like this Beet Goat Cheese Salad. 

Better yet, make a delicious and healthy sandwich with our Tahini Chicken Salad. So many amazing options!

Our Favorite Bread Baking Tools:

Here we wanted to share some of our favorite bread baking tools to make your bread baking journey easier! 

Proofing Container - The measuring marks help to conveniently track the dough as it rises!

Bread Cutter and Bench Scraper - Cut your dough and easily transport from bench to proofing basket or dutch oven.

Dough Whisk - Provides a double mixing effect for the most efficient mixing of dough.

Kitchen Aid Mixer with Dough Hook - Skip the hand mixing and leave it to your automatic mixer with a dough hook!

How We Can Help:

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Meet Our Recipe Developer:  Brandy Pan

Brandy is a good health advocate, writer, and blogger. Her hospitality career experiences sparked her passion for good foods and exploring Mediterranean countries where they know secrets to eat healthy and living optimal, happy and balanced lives. You can get her weekly living healthier and happier tips at www.healthyhappylifesecrets.com.



  • This looks scrumptious. Since being on the mediterranean diet I miss crusty white breads sometimes. I like this option of a whole wheat bread! Can I make two bigger loaves? Will this change the bake time?

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  • Do you use any regular flour? Which wheat flour you prefer hard white or dark wheat?

  • Have you figured the carbs…per slice…how many slices per loaf…etc

    Patricia Glasgow

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