How to Start the Mediterranean Diet for Beginners

How to Start the Mediterranean Diet for Beginners

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Have you ever wondered, "what do you eat on a Mediterranean Diet"?

Are you looking to live your healthiest, best life but you aren't quite sure where to get started? Sure, you could spend hours combining the internet for information and recipes related to the Mediterranean Lifestyle.
But why do that, when you can grab our handy, easy-to-digest Guide and be up to speed and ready to make changes today!

The more you know about the Mediterranean Diet, the more successful you can be! Our Starter Guide and Recipe Book is NEWLY REVAMPED with the latest research and the most important information that you need, today. It also includes 6 amazing, Mediterranean Diet recipes so you can start cooking right away. 

If you are a beginner and you want to start off on the right foot, this is the resource you need. Our starter guide is short and easy to digest, with the latest science and information about a Mediterranean Diet!
Our 5-star recipes are delicious to eat, take under 35 minutes to make, and are easy enough even for a beginner chef to tackle. Written by a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a Masters Degree in nutrition.

The Guide Includes:

  1. A Breakdown of the Diet
  2. An Easy-to-understand List of Mediterranean Diet Principles
  3. A Sneak Peek into Some of the Many Well-Researched Benefits 
  4. 6 delicious, health-promoting recipes, with notes on why the recipe fits within a Mediterranean Diet
  5. Available as an immediate download; no waiting!

Recipes Include: 
  • Color pictures of every recipe, so you know what you will be eating!
  • Notes for each recipe on why it fits within a Mediterranean Diet (learn as you go) 
  • Main dish meals, best enjoyed for dinner or lunch
  • One Pan Sweet Potato & Cod, Mediterranean Buddha Bowl, Deluxe Portobello Pizza, Chicken Kabobs, and more

This Guide is perfect to introduce the Mediterranean Diet to:
  • A beginner who wants to start a Mediterranean Diet
  • Someone who has been living this way for a while and wants to increase their knowledge
  • Anyone looking to live a healthier lifestyle 
  • Diners who want amazing, simple, health-promoting recipes

This Recipe Book and Starter Guide on the Mediterranean Diet for Beginners and beyond will provide answers to your starting questions, help you get up to speed quickly & easily, and get you started in the kitchen on the right foot. 

This resource pairs well with our Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan, available as a monthly membership or a stand-alone purchase. More about the Mediterranean Diet.
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