Ultimate Mother’s Day Gift Guide: For The Health & Wellness Enthusiast

From kitchen must-haves to fitness items, we are sharing the top wellness gift ideas for the Moms (Grandmas, Sisters, Aunts, Moms-to-be, and other women) in your life. Plus, we cover the top four gift giving categories that guarantee an awesome gift. 

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Before we dive into the WHAT, let's chat for a moment about HOW. 

How to Pick a Great Gift 

As a teenager, I had gift anxiety. Whether it was Mother's Day, Christmas, or birthdays, I was hung up on the idea that every gift needed to be super meaningful or life-changing. I put so much pressure on finding the perfect gift that sometimes I would find no gift at all. Showing up empty handed is 100 times worse than showing up with a sub-par gift. 

The Four Gift Giving Categories 

I am happy to report that with a little help from research (yes, science really does care about such things!), my gift giving anxiety has disappeared.

Here's what I learned: there are four big gift-giving categories that great gifts often fall into. When I shop now, I think through these four categories and pick something that fits into one of them. It's been an easy way for me to make sure that my gifts will be well-liked, and that I won't be paralyzed by the decision. 

Don't be like me circa 2000. Pick a gift that hits one of these 4 categories and be virtually guaranteed to please your Mother's Day recipient: 

1. Makes the recipient feel seen. 

2. Gives them a nicer version of something they would buy for themselves (or already have).

3. Introduces them to something they may not know about but would like. 

4. Leans into the sentimental. 


Gifts that Fall into the Four Categories

1. Make the recipient feel seen 

This gets to the heart of why we give gifts in the first place. Your gift is a way to show love to your recipient for who they are and what they value. So, take a moment to think about what your Mother's Day recipient truly values. 

For the woman who values home cooking 

cooking in season.png__PID:64f68494-7518-48f2-988d-292ccf5255f2

A beautiful new cookbook full of color images will inspire and delight her. This one has over 65 5-star reviews and is a favorite in my family! 



For the flavor connoisseur

This is a beautiful gift for the woman who knows that swapping a few simple spices or herbs can make a big difference in a dish. This 5-jar spice set comes complete with recipe cards for inspiration. 



For the mama who loves to walk or run 

The Mama who loves to go solo during her walk or run, these noise-canceling earbuds are the answer. In addition to being noise-cancelling, these earbuds are sweat-resistant and provide up to eight hours of listening time.



For the lady whose coffee is always cold 

If she is always drinking her coffee or tea cold, this is the perfect gift. This temperature control mug will keep things toasty until the very last drop. It’s easy to clean, portable, splash-proof, and has an automatic shut-off safety feature. I received this a few years ago, and I still love it. 



For the woman who values great nutrition 


A Mediterranean Diet Meal Plan will equip her to enjoy the most nutritious, delicious meals, helping her reach her health & weight goals with ease. Select a 3-month subscription to put great health on autopilot. 



2. Get them a nicer version of something they would buy for themselves (or already have).

In my opinion, this is the easiest way to ensure your gift is well-received. Pick something you know they already love or have and get a nicer (or newer) option. 

For the Mediterranean-Diet enthusiast 

Not only does high-quality olive oil taste better & elevate her cooking, it has far more health benefits, too. (More on that here.) A premium olive oil is a well-loved item in the home of any Mediterranean Diet fan. 

Find it here. (Code MEDIMOVE10 for 10% off)


For the home chef 

Most home cooks could benefit from newer pans! These are built to last, with MineralShield nonstick technology that’s 5x more durable than before, and dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. 

Find it here


For the woman who always has a water bottle 

Spill-proof, easy to use with just one hand, and fits in a cup holder. Plus, you can choose from a dozen colors to find one that's perfect for her! 

 Find it here


For the Mama making dinner in a hurry 

Upgrade her kitchen with an air fryer. It's not just for frying. It can be used just like an oven but preheats and cooks food in a fraction of the time! It also crisps, roasts, reheats, & dehydrates, for quick and easy meals with 75% less fat. 

Find it here


For the lady who eats leftovers 

Sauces and dressings are the KEY to making a leftover meal feel new again. Primal Kitchen has clean ingredients (no seed oils, no artificial anything, and no dairy) and the yummiest sauces. Their new dipping sauces are incredible!

Find the sauces here. (Code MEDIMOVE10 for 10% off). 


3. Introduce them to something they may not know about (but would like). 

For the best night's sleep 

This next-level night light device is the answer for any mom who wants more sleep. The blue light in the Dodow projects on the ceiling. It expands and contracts to guide every breath for an easier time falling asleep.

 Find it here


For the on-the-go diner

For anyone who works in an office or is otherwise on the go at lunchtime, this inexpensive container makes it easy to pack healthy foods for lunch. The multiple compartments are deep enough to hold food nicely, and it is leakproof.

Find it here


For the ultimate wellness gift 

This amazing little ring helps your loved one stay on top of her heart health, sleep, skin temperature, and overall activity. Information is power, and she will have it all with this stylish piece of jewelry. 

Find it here


For the fitness enthusiast who goes hard 

After a tough workout, TheraBody’s lightest, smallest handheld muscle massager is perfect for recovery. It's small enough to pack on a flight, and the color is just lovely. I use mine constantly!

 Find it here

For the most delicious healthy treats  

The Healthy Hydration Gift Box is a great gift for women who enjoy light and refreshing beverages and healthier snacks. This box features a carefully selected collection of gourmet treats, including a strawberry and basil mixer and a healthier chocolate granola.

Find it here.  

4. Lean into the sentimental. 

The closer you are to the recipient, the more a sentimental gift can be a great fit. This can mean getting something personalized just for them or it can be a way to tug on their heartstrings.

For the keeper of family recipes  

Show Mom that you value her family recipes with this unique and touching gift. Upload a photo of a handwritten recipe of your choice and the company will engrave the exact recipe and hand writing onto a beautiful cutting board.

Find it here


For the Mom who wears jewelry 

Personalized jewelry can be a beautiful gift. We love this custom cuff bracelet that transforms your actual handwriting (or that of a loved one) into a beautiful accessory. 

Find it here


For the Lady who enjoys a glass

Structured with a sturdy flat bottom and a modern bell shape, this wine glass can be customized for your recipient. The ergonomically-designed glass will feel lightweight in her hand and comfortable to hold.

Find it here


We hope these health and wellness gifts will inspire you to find a great gift for the health lover in your life! Remember, a gift does not have to create ecstasy to be an excellent gift. Sometimes all you need is an item that shows the recipient that value them or you appreciate what they've done for you.  

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