Easy Mediterranean Chicken Wrap

Easy Wraps make a Great Meal

This quick and easy no-cook wrap is perfect for lunch…. or for dinner when you come home too hungry to cook!

The combination of the feta cheese with the lemon and veggies is divine! It’s versatile too.

You can leave out the chicken if you prefer to go meat-free, and you can swap in any veggies that you have in your fridge.

We recommend that you make a batch of our homemade hummus (only takes 10 minutes!) and then store it in the fridge for emergencies.

Are Wraps Healthier than Bread?

Many people assume that eating a wrap is automatically healthier than eating a sandwich. You may be surprised to find that this is not always the case!

Are Wraps Higher in nutrition? Or lower?

The truth is that wraps can be higher or lower in nutritional value than bread, depending on the kinds you are considering eating.

Wraps can suffer from the same unfortunate and unhealthy additives as bread. These include added sugar, added additives, added chemicals, and other things that you don't want to be consuming on a regular basis!

We recommend that you not rely on the marketing claims on the front of the package. You will want to read the nutrition labels on your tortilla just as you would on your loaf of bread. Avoid anything you cannot pronounce and large amounts of added sugar.

One reason that a wrap can be healthier than a sandwich is that a wrap gives you much more space to work with. Generally, you can stuff far more salad, lettuce, vegetables, and other delicious & nutritious foods into a wrap than you can layer onto two pieces of bread. Make this your goal.

Use all the extra space that a wrap offers you to really pile on the veggies and other health-promotion foods like beans and fruits.

Are Wraps Higher in calories? Or lower?

Wraps have an aura of health surrounding them.

For this reason, many people assume that they are low in calories. The truth is that depending on the brand, type, and size, tortillas have a very wide range of calories. Ultimately, they can be higher or lower than bread!

Wraps tend to be lower than a sub sandwich roll but often higher than two slices of loaf bread. We recommend that you don't worry too much about calories, however.

The Mediterranean Diet is health-promoting and studies have shown that eating the kind of food on a Mediterranean Diet tends to naturally lead to weight loss if you have weight to lose.

What is the best kind of tortilla or wrap?

Here is what we recommend. Look for tortillas that are whole wheat or whole grain. Avoid anything with additives, chemicals, or tons of added sugar. We love Ezekiel sprouted grain tortillas, but there are tons of other options on the market. Then add in as many vegetables as you can!

Do You Have Other Suggestions? 

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