Healthy Tartar Sauce (no mayo!)

Creamy, spicy tartar sauce is the perfect accompaniment to anything fried (or "fried"-- as in, baked with panko breadcrumbs, like our Crumb Topped Salmon, for that irresistible crunch) and just about any piece of fish (like our Salmon). It's no wonder that this sauce it virtually synonymous with fish and chips!

What’s the deal with Tartar Sauce?

Unfortunately, tartar sauce is normally mayonnaise based. Commercially made mayo is traditionally made with soybean oil or other not-very-health-optimizing cheap oils. It's best to avoid these types of oils. While you can now find avocado- or olive oil-based mayo, some of these mayonnaises still have soybean or canola oil as the first ingredients. They just add a bit of avocado oil or olive oil as a tricky marketing ploy. Others are made entirely with better oil, which is great for your health, but they can clock in at $9 or $10 for a small jar. Wow! You could alternatively make your own mayonnaise (here's a cool recipe on how to make your own). But instead of putting in all that work, why not try this recipe, which use Greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise? The result of using Greek yogurt produces a creamy, dreamy sauce with a slightly different taste than traditional Tartar sauce. I think you will find that it is just as, if not more, delicious than standard Tartar sauce. It is still heavily spiced, cool and creamy, and the perfect sauce for any steaming dish!

How to make this tartar sauce

This sauce could not be any quicker or easier! You will spend a few minutes gathering your ingredients and chipping pickles into tiny bites. After that, you just dump it all into a bowl and stir, stir, stir until perfection. We recommend that you chill it for a bit before serving.

What's Next?

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  • Was this misprint used fresh garlic. It was way to strong and ruined this recipe could not eat with fish

    Denise Gangl
  • I made the Greek Yogurt Tartar Sauce. Excellent!
    I did not have Dijon Mustard but substituted creamy horseradish and only had dill relish. They both worked well. This also tasted good as a veggie dip.


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