Roasted Romaine Lettuce

"Tastes like a steak... if a steak were a salad". This is how our roasted romaine lettuce recipe has been described. 

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Putting Lettuce in the Oven?

Roasting greens sounds kind of insane. It sounds insane, that is, before you try it.

It seems like the lettuce would just shrivel up or turn to mush. It's hard to understand how the oven turns a simple salad staple into a roast-y, garlic-y delicious side dish that rivals any main course.

But then again, if you've roasted other vegetables, you understand how something magical happens in the oven when you combine olive oil, vegetables, and some heat.

You may have noticed that we have a love of roasting vegetables around here!  

This Roasted Romaine recipe!

My Sister-in-law introduced me to Roasted Romaine Lettuce. This is her recipe.

I have always loved her, but now I can understand even more why my dear brother married her.

This recipe is so good that I crave it on cold days... and sort of cool days ... and on most days that fall in autumn, winter, or spring. And honestly, I love it in summer if we are having anything grilled.

This dish is amazing eaten just as it is written. If you are feeling fancy, try drizzling with our super easy balsamic vinegar reduction and a sprinkle of Parmesan and see if your taste buds don't explode.

Give it a try and let us know what you think! Just 10 minutes and 5 ingredients.  

The Pan Matters 

If you've ever tried roasting greens (or other veggies) and been disappointed with the results, have no fear. You may just need a different type of roasting pan. The kind of baking sheet that you select can take your vegetables from kind-of-good to out of this world!  

Your pan must be big enough that the veggies have at least a little space around them. That bit of space will allow the vegetables to roast, rather than steam. (Steamed veggies can turn mushy. Roasted veggies are crispy goodness!)

So, think big. A large rimmed baking sheet is perfect for roasting vegetables.

We absolutely love this baking sheet. It's super study so it won't warp, and it's big enough that I can roast several heads of romaine at once. 

If you really love bronzed veggies, consider a dark colored pan. The dark color helps food get lots of toasty brown bits without being mushy. We love this pan

How healthy are Leafy Greens?

If you follow this blog or other Mediterranean Diet blogs, you probably understand our love of leafy green vegetables.

First, greens are super low in calories and high in fiber.

Second, greens of all variety (including romaine) are chock full of vitamins like C, A, K, and B, as well as potassium, calcium, and folate.

Healthline calls romaine a "dieter's dream" because of the low calories and high nutrition.

With all the important vitamins and minerals in those leaves, we call it a dream for anyone who wants to live a healthy lifestyle! And a pleasure to eat alongside all kinds of main dishes!  

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  • Just tried this today with Romaine hearts and finished with grated Cheddar. Yummmmmm! Thanks for the great recipe.

  • Omg,love this! I added walnuts dried cranberries when fished put some sliced strawberries and Gorgonzola! Del

  • I haven’t thought of cooking romaine before. This is a great recipe for 1st timers. Take it easy on the olive oil and lemon juice. I served it with chicken parmesan. It was great!

  • I’m cutting the roasted romaine into bite-size pieces, tossing along with diced avocado in a red wine vinegar/garlic EVOO/anchovy/smoked paprika/lemon juice/thyme vinaigrette, scattering pickled red onions, toasted walnuts, and sliced castelvetrano olives, and topping with crumbled feta. TONIGHT!

    Hollis Ramsey
  • I love this simple but elegant recipe.

    Patricia Keast

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