Pear Applesauce in the Crock-Pot

Why add pears to applesauce?

I'd rather ask, WHY NOT add pears? There are so many delicious fruits to try in applesauce! Pears bring a depth of flavor and a host of different nutritional properties. We love to mix it up whenever we can. Give this a try, and we think you will agree that adding pears to your sauce is a great treat! If you don't have any pears, you can make this recipe with apples only.

What kind of apples and pears?

Although certain kinds of apples (and to some extent pears) lend themselves well to baking and cooking, you can really use any varietals in this recipe. Green apples will lend some tartness to the finished product, while yellow apples will be very mild. Reds of all varieties are great!

Do I have to peel them?

I know, peeling can be kind of a drag. While you can make this applesauce with the skins on,  the skins won't cook down the same way that the apples and pears will. Even if you puree after cooking, you may be left with some bits of skin. If you are good with this, then skip the peeling. Otherwise, a vegetable peeler makes quick work of the skins.

How big to slice them?

The smaller the pieces, the more quickly they will cook. We like to slice them into one to two-inch chunks, but no need to spend too much time on this. Try to get the piece about even and pop them all in! Let us know what you think! You can use @mediterranean_movement on Instagram to show us what you are cooking.

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