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We passionately believe in the science that leading a healthier life increases your energy, awareness, and sense of wellbeing.

This Mediterranean Diet Blog explores ways to live a better life, including tips, methods, stories, and news about the diet that was rated #1 for taste, healthiness, and the ease of commitment. 

Not only is this an inspiring Mediterranean food blog -- with tons of Recipes! -- you'll also learn about nutrition, how to shop for and prepare meals, ways to get more active, and how to stay motivated.

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New Mediterranean Diet Blog Posts

Easy Ingredient & Meal Swaps for Health

Learn what healthy ingredient and meal swaps to make every day to get healthier and more energized, one meal or ingredient at a time.

Top 10 Ideas to Make Family Dinner Fun

A collection of 10 innovative ideas to help make family dinner fun again! If you have kids, this article could change how you have dinner together!

15-Minute Meals That Will Save Your Weeknights

An awesome collection of healthy 15 minute meal ideas that are easy to get on the table and loved by kids and adults alike.

Favorite Family-Friendly Dinner Recipes

Free dinner recipe book! All healthy recipes are ready in under 30 mins, have been tested & loved by families, & will make your dinners easier!

5 Ways to Make Dinner Easier

Quick and easy family meals are pretty much the only meals that get served in my household! Tune in to learn 5 proven ways to make dinner easier, even during a busy week.

Beyond Food, What Makes a Meal Healthy?

Beyond food, what makes a meal healthy? As it turns out, there are a lot of different ways in which you can create a healthy family meal! Here are just a few ideas on how you can set you and your family up to enjoy a pleasurable meal together.

Mediterranean Diet on a Budget

Is a Mediterranean Diet a budget friendly way to eat? With an overall focus on produce, beans, and healthy grains, this way of eating can be substantially cheaper than other methods of eating that are more meat-heavy.

Helping People to Change their Lives

"The Mediterranean Movement has been a great inspiration for me to incorporate healthier meals into my weekly cooking.

The recipes you post have ingredients I usually have on hand, the instructions are simple enough to pull off on a busy week night, and the results are mouth-watering!

I didn't realize how easy it would be to commit to healthier eating -- and I love that I still get a glass of red wine too."

Customer image

Lindsey F

"Your blog has been a great recipe source for me!

After almost 6 years of garbage eating, having 3 children, and dealing with extreme anxiety and depression I realized my biggest source of contention was food.

I was diagnosed with celiac disease and lactose intolerance stopped eating overly processed and fast food and have felt so much better since!

I'm now adopting a fully Mediterranean Diet for continued wellness."

Customer image

Chara K

"Due to Covid-19, I’m forced to learn to cook and am starting to enjoy it.

Following and learning from the Mediterranean Movement has been critical.

I’m learning about new dishes and trying some excellent meals, while also maintaining some sanity!"

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Andrew H


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